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TVF Tripling Season 1

Show Title:TVF Tripling
Year of Release:2016
Cast:Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar
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TVF Tripling Season 1

“Baba, you are beautiful”- the infamous dialogue by Chitvan is everyone’s favourite!  ‘Tripling’ has made a lot of buzz amongst the youths of India. The show has recently come up with a season 2 and the audiences are speculating more seasons. The story is written by Sumeet Vyas and Akarsh Khurana and the creators are The Viral Fever.

 In the first season of TVF Tripling, we were acquainted with the crazy siblings Chandan Sharma portrayed by Sumeet Vyas, Chanchal Sharma portrayed by Maanvi Gagroo and the most loved character Chitvan Sharma or how about we call him DJ Chitvan portrayed by Amol Parashar.

Season one plot spins around how the oldest one, Chandan, who has ended up in divorce returns to Mumbai from the USA to meet his sibling Chitvan. Chitvan is a DJ. Meanwhile, Chitvan running from the money lenders takes his elder sibling Chandan to Jodhpur to meet their sister Chanchal. On the other hand, Chanchal got hitched in an affluent family to Pranav played by Kunaal Roy Kapur, and she is pregnant.

Here comes a shocking revelation by Chanchal who admits to her siblings that she isn’t really pregnant and has misled her in-laws. The siblings also have an ugly fight with Pranav where they leave the palace abruptly.

They leave Jodhpur and hit the street and lose all sense of direction in the desert where they meet three Israeli young ladies who ran away with their vehicles. During the time spent finding their vehicle, they reach Bhatinda where they battle the neighbourhood vehicle stealer and recover their vehicle back with the assistance of Pranav. The three siblings along with Pranav then reach Manali at their native home and the season arrives at a wonderful end. The parents seem very cool and the role of the father is portrayed by Kumud Mishra whereas Shernaz Patel has portrayed the role of the mother.

The amiable vitality between the on-screen characters keeps you contributed. Easily light and successfully enchanting, there is indisputable genuineness in the story. Parashar is a hoot and in her one-scene appearance, Gaagroo stands out enough to be noticed. Expectedly there is sufficient material to not give this demonstrates a chance to come up short on steam. In some cases, delight lies in preparing solace film and this arrangement has every one of its trappings.

In its 20-minute runtime, you know Chanchal, Chandan and Chitvan are nervous yet helpless, fleshed out with massive consideration. The silliness is clever and the screenplay fresh. The exchanges are sharp, once in a while even roar with laughter.

TVF Tripling Season 2

Show Title:TVF Tripling
Year of Release:2019
Cast:Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar
Watch On:TVF PLay | Sony Liv
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‘Tripling’ trio is back with their season 2. Season 1 of the series had grabbed a lot of attention and has turned into one of the best Indian web series. Is the season 2 equally good?

Let’s find out, This time it has lots of drama and some famous faces of bollywood.

However, season 2 starts with Chandan having composed a book – additionally named Tripling – drawing material from the misfortunes of the principal excursion and individual issues of his kin. Chitwan, presently settled in a rich home in Delhi playing daddy to a baby who isn’t his own child. He has remained consistent with his character’s chilled out ways is least outraged by the exposition. Chanchal, presently a government official, however, is enraged for her life being analyzed in her sibling’s fiction.

Meanwhile, the audience comes to know that Chanchal’s husband, Pranav is missing. The three siblings come together and set out on a journey to find Pranav. There are a lot of incidents that happen in the journey. There are Gajraj Rao and Shweta Tripathi who played their respective roles in season 2! After looking for Pranav in Lucknow and Kolkata they finally head towards Gangtok and find him in a monastery.

TVF Tripling is outstanding amongst other Indian web series. You feel associated with Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan and there is such a significant number of relatable brotherly moments. Additionally, the storyline doesn’t feel exhausting or monotonous. The staggering presentation from every one of the on-screen characters and the freshness of the idea is amusing to watch. Sumeet Vyas and Maanvi Gagroo have enchanted us in Permanent Roommates and Pitchers, separately, too.


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