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Popcornflix is an OTT service which provides high-quality video streaming for the viewers without any interruption and much difficulty. It helps to offer a smooth running of video containing movies, TV shows, TV series, and much more for a wide range of audience. It is a very suitable and convenient platform for every user to watch and enjoy their time with Popcornflix.

This OTT service is a well-maintained platform for various featured length movies and other web series which are going popular in recent time with the highest TRPs. The best part of Popcornflix is that it provides free ad-supported streaming video services to people worldwide.

This service came into the foundation in 2010 which was owned by Screen Media Ventures and their headquarters being in New York City, in the United States.

It is basically a free TV with a wide range of different genres and popular picks for the viewers. They provide services for both web app and mobile app.

Type of Content Streamed

popcornflix TV shows

The Popcornflix provides a wide range of varied content for the viewers. It contains various genres with extremely high-quality video streaming. It ranges movies for adults, family, youth, and kids as well. The website offers movies on drama, romance, animated, sci-fi, action, comedy, and foreign language movies as well.

They also provide various free web series for the viewers and they can easily access to the various episodes freely without any subscription fee and no need to log in for watching free movies. So, viewers can easily watch movies or TV series from anywhere at any time.

Streaming Quality

The Popcornflix provides viewers with DVD quality video streaming without any buffering. The movies and TV shows on the website and apps run very smoothly without any buffering issues which sometimes very annoying for the viewers to enjoy the service. It is a wonder app or website for the users to avoid such intervening issues while enjoying their services on Popcornflix.

Free of cost

One of the noteworthy things of Popcornflix is that it provides quality video without any subscription fee or plan. Another noteworthy thing is that the viewers need to have a Popcornflix account to access the various services they provide in the device. The viewers without any worries and difficulties can easily access these free TV without any login id or password.

Unlike Sling, Hulu, and Netflix which is equally popular among OTT service but they do not provide free services for watching movies or TV services, viewers need to pay a certain subscription fee to access those services.

Short Advertisements

The Popcornflix websites provide a wide range of free TV services to the viewers with a wide range of different genres of movies and along with the movies and TV series, they show advertisement as well in between the contents but those ads are very limited and showed for a short duration of time without creating much disturbance for the viewers.

This helps the viewers to enjoy any service without taking many headaches of the commercial ads, which are featured in other paid TV-like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu TV where they show ads very frequently creating much disturbance for the viewers to enjoy any movies or TV shows.

Easy To Use Apps

The Popcornflix provides easy and quick apps for the viewers to use for various devices and platforms. The free TV apps are quite demanding for various users who prefer watching movies or TV show with their convenient time and convenient locations. They can easily download this movie app on their various devices for unlimited free movies and TV shows.

One added advantage of Popcornflix is that they provide two different movie apps, one with adult content and other with kids app with unlimited kids shows and kids movies.

Supported Platforms | Site | App

Popcornflix the free TV service for the viewers worldwide has offered their free video streaming services without any subscription fee to various devices and system that helped the viewers to enjoy free movies and TV series from anywhere at any time.

Devices include Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Roku, Samsung, XBOX 360, Chromecast, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Windows devices as well.

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Final Verdict

To sum up to say that Popcornflix has been a demanding app and website for worldwide audiences. It has an enhancing potential to win the hearts of million people with high-quality video streaming, fewer ads, user-friendly app, absolute no buffering, and a high image building website which provides free movies and TV shows for millions of people without any login issues. It is well to do app and website with easy access and satisfying large audiences.

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