10 Free TV Streaming Sites | Watch Live TV Online

In the era of High-Speed Internet, we hardly rely on television or cable packages to watch our favorite shows or movies. There are so many TV streaming sites on the Internet that come up with the daily dose of entertainment for all our entertainment-related requirements. There are plenty of websites as well which allow you to watch content for free but not all of them are trustworthy or legal. There are few sites which will connive you to sign up for fees, a few other sites will beguile you to add some extensions to your browser.

You need to be very careful as these websites contain harmful virus which can infect your machine. The popular legal streaming websites mostly offer paid services but they don’t charge you a hefty sum. I know a lot of you must be looking for some legal live streaming sites, I have jotted down free yet legal free TV streaming sites for you. What is better than grabbing a bowl of ice-cream and binge-watching your favorite Live TV channel on a hot summer evening!

TV Streaming Sites  To Watch TV Channels Online

1. PlutoTV

plutoTV live TV

If you are looking for the best free TV streaming sites, then PlutoTV is the most appropriate one for you. This is a legal streaming service that lets you watch the live channel broadcasting of their content for free. The service is adorably supported but that’s okay since you’re paying absolutely nothing for their service. PlutoTV can be accessed from various devices such as IOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and many more. With live TV one can access movies and TV shows on demand.

2. Bbciplayer

bbciplayer channels online

Bbciplayer is another website that allows users to enjoy live streaming. The website has become immensely popular for its live service and the most amazing part is it offers its service for free. They offer plenty of channels of various genres and gives a television experience to its viewers. Bbciplayer can be accessed from multiple devices! The numerous section helps in finding a suitable stream fro you. BBCiplayer is supported on many platforms like Roku, Android, iOS, and Kodi.

3. UStvnow


This is another popular platform for live TV streaming! Ustvnow has started gaining its ground and has come up with several plans for its viewers. The USTVnow is basically designed for US citizens living abroad to give them home-like experience. The basic plan is basically free but the channels are restricted and limited to SD resolution. The homepage displays all the live streams of channels. The “All channels” plan will cost you $19 per month, “All channels+DVR” will cost you $29 per month or $468 per annum.

4. TVplayer

TVplayer is an amazing website with plenty of channels which let you watch live broadcasting. TVplayer is used by almost a million users in the UK on a daily basis. They basically offer this service for free, however, if you want more options when it comes to channels then you can opt for TVplayer plus. The premium package costs you £4.99 per month. It also offers a 7 days trial period to its users.

5. Hulu | Paid Live Streaming Site |

Does Hulu need an introduction? I guess not! Well, with the rising popularity we all are aware of the streaming website Hulu. Hulu is completely legal and the content it offers to its viewers is really rich and good. Hulu offers live service which is known as Hulu with Live TV and it is one of the best live streaming services in the market. The pricing of Hulu with Live TV is pretty much affordable. It charges you $44.99 per month. Apart from enjoying the live streaming service, you will have access to the entire Hulu library. It also gives you a 7 days trial period, post which they charge for their services.

6. Sling TV

Here’s another great TV streaming site that is known for providing great services to its viewers. The subscription packages of sling TV are quite feasible. They basically have two subscription plans- orange and blue and both of them cost $25 per month. You can also subscribe to the combined orange and blue pack which costs $40 per month. The orange plan offers 28 channels and the blue pack comes up with more than 40 channels. You can pick your plan according to your convenience.

7. Hotstar | Live Events |

We all know how popular Hotstar is! Specifically for the ‘Game of Thrones’ fanatics and the sports lovers!  Though Hotstar offers plenty of other channels where you can watch your favorite content. Live stream sports, news and shows with Hotstar’s VIP and premium packages. The VIP package will cost you 365/year and the premium package will cost 299/month or 999/year!. The Hotstar is much known for the streaming of live sports events and TV shows from various regional and national channels.

8. Sonyliv

Sonyliv is another popular streaming platform just like Mobdro which lets you enjoy live streaming of shows, sports, news, etc. It comes with a premium plan which enables you to live stream the contents. The premium plan is very feasible as it starts with 29/ week, followed by 99/month, 299/six months and 499/ year! You can choose your plan according to your convenience. You can enjoy Indian TV shows, Bollywood movies, English shows and movies, sports, news on Sonyliv.

9. Spuul

Spuul is equally good as others on the list. It is a great website to enjoy live streaming of channels like news, TV shows, sports, news, etc. Spuul offers free as well as premium services for its users. You can live stream series, shows, movies for free but with a premium subscription you get more channels and complete ad-free service. The premium plan also gives you a one month trial period. The premium plan costs you 99/ month or 999/year!

10. YuppTV | Live TV Channels |

yupptv Live TV

YuppTV is getting popular nowadays for its live streaming of Indian Channels. It has plenty of options when it comes to channels. The website is pretty much popular amongst the UK and US viewers looking for Indian channels. Though they have viewers from all over the globe, the website target the Southern people of India. Be it music, sports, and news, the content is more of a regional. There is a separate section for movies and TV shows that every user gets access to once they subscribe for yupptv package.

Final Thoughts

So, this was the list of top popular legal TV streaming sites for live Internet TV. You can sip coffee and enjoy watching news, sports and TV shows on these sites. A few sites from the list might be restricted to a few regions. In that case, you can always use a VPN service to unblock the site.  If you have any questions regarding these sites, you can let us know by commenting below also, the name which one of these live TV  websites you like the most.

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