Amazon Prime Video | How Much Does It Cost

Presently, the millennials are crazy about streaming videos, movies, and TV series online at a low price. Thus, they look for new platforms where they can select their own kind of movies and television series. With Amazon Prime Video, the millennial gets the opportunity to select a wide range of videos, TV series, movies as per their choice and preferences. This streaming service is available for the viewers at a very low and cheap price from anywhere. Amazon video on demand has created a huge sensation among the millennial across the globe. Amazon Prime Video has now become a popular and most trending app over the internet.

Every month, Amazon includes a sound portion of new content, aiding viewers with countless new and intriguing things to watch. With so much new stuff, it tends to be difficult to tell what to watch without doing broad research. You can also keep a check on their official website and their official app to get frequently updated on their new and upcoming content.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

prime video streaming content

Content Available

Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming platform accessible for Amazon Prime individuals. With a qualified Amazon Prime membership subscription, you approach a huge number of Prime Video titles at no extra cost. With Amazon Prime Video you can get the added benefit of buying or renting your favorite movies or TV series with a one-click option. With this, you can buy premium channels with the Amazon Prime membership feature. Apart from your favorite TV shows and movies, you can also watch and stream Prime Original Series. You can enable the streaming mode of any videos from anywhere and everywhere. With Amazon Prime Video, you get exclusive access to multiple genre movies and TV shows.

Amazon Prime 30 Days Free Trial

Price And Plan

Non-Prime users can buy into Amazon Prime Video for $8.99 every month. You can cancel your subscription whenever you don’t need to subscribe to it for an entire year. With an Amazon Prime Video membership, you just gain admittance to Amazon’s video library. You cannot access the benefit of shipping or the music library. You can enjoy and access Amazon Prime Video with the subscription of Amazon Prime membership. However, Amazon Prime Video will cost you around $8.99 monthly and $108 annually. Whereas Amazon Prime will cost about $119/year with extra added features and stuff.

With this new membership offering, it’s simpler to contrast Prime Video and Netflix, which presently costs $9.99 every month. Amazon wants to make itself as a less expensive option to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and the various streaming administrations out there.

Features with Amazon Prime Video

  • Amazon Prime Video gives boundless streaming of films and TV series for paid or free preliminary individuals in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  • Watch your preferred shows and films from HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ stations — no link required, drop whenever and no extra applications to download. $4.99–$14.99/month for Prime individuals.
  • Your enrollment incorporates an immense library of films and TV series over each classification, from lighthearted comedies to immortal works of art.
  • Amazon Prime Video shares a bunch of prominent and grants winning Amazon Original Movies and Prime Original series.
  • Premium highlights of Prime Video incorporate 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and portable downloads for disconnected review of select content.

Extra Benefit

Apart from their standout shows and films, Prime Video has a broad library of thousands of different titles, which are incorporated with the expense of participation. They additionally offer a program that you can lease or buy for a little expense. You can access the film titles or TV series by subscribing to the option of pay by manually.

What is Amazon Prime Video Originals?

Amazon Prime Video has come with its unique feature of Amazon Prime Video Originals which keeps the viewers hooked with their original TV series and films. These films and television series are made under the banner head of Amazon giving unique stories, sequences, and high-voltage drama for the Amazon Prime Video users.

Widely praised and award-winning unique programming for Prime individuals, similar to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Grand Tour and Transparent, just as children’s films like Tumble Leaf, Just Add Magic and that’s just the beginning. While The Marvelous Mrs. Maisell might be an overwhelming TV show now, receiving a great amount of success with award attention. But also, the popular show ‘Transparent’ too achieved a great amount of success over the years, which will end in 2019 after five seasons.

Amazon Prime Vs Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a paid assistance — $119 every year or $12.99 every month that gives Amazon customers an assortment of advantages. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video is the streaming video segment of Amazon Prime. Like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime offers a boundless streaming of a huge number of films and TV series. With Amazon Prime, users are enabled to enjoy both rental and purchased stuff at the same time. However, you can always switch to Amazon Prime Video by only paying a monthly subscription of $8.99.

Therefore, Amazon has been increasing its video streaming content by putting intensely into original contents. Two or three years back, Amazon Prime Video resembled an untimely idea for Prime’s conveyance membership. Presently, it’s undeniable assistance with different membership.

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