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Everybody is aware of Amazon Prime where you can stream TV shows, movies, TV series, and much more. Amazon Prime has now become a popular and most trending app over the internet. Apart from your favourite TV shows and movies, you can also watch and stream Prime Original Series. You can enable the streaming model of any videos from anywhere and everywhere. With Amazon Prime, you get exclusive access to multiple genre movies, TV shows, and also music. The best part of Amazon Prime music is that they provide you with ad-free music of various genres. Prime members also save and get free the same delivery if they make any purchase from Amazon.

The membership is quite a value for money and covers many services under a single package. But not everyone can afford a monthly plan. If you haven’t subscribed to Prime yet and willing to try it, there are various methods you can save on prime membership and enjoy free service for at least a month. But now the big question is ‘How to get Amazon Prime for Free or at a Cheap price’?

Get Amazon Prime For Free & Discounted Price

1. Amazon Prime Free Trial

Well, the trial version for one month gives you free streaming of videos, movies, TV shows, and music. On the other hand, the annual membership can cost you $119 per year. Yes! You heard us right there is basically no fee scheme as such apart from the free-trial feature for 30 days. In order to continue watching your videos, you need to pay a specific amount to enjoy the exclusive privilege. Till the time you can enjoy the premium feature of Amazon Prime for free a month.

Get Amazon Prime Trial

2. Create A New Account

You can avail the free trial period for a longer time if you have new payment details and a new email ID. Every time you sign up using a new email ID and new payment details, you will get a one-month free trial period. Well, if you leverage the payment and aacounts of your family member. Unlike services like Hulu and Netflix, I never felt any issue with Amazon Prime while watching on multiple screens.

3. Student Discount

However, the good news is here for all the students out there. Amazon Prime has now come up with some incredible offers for the students. Yes! You have again heard us right. Amazon Prime offers a privilege plan for students where they can exclusively avail at a very cheap price. The Amazon Prime student membership will cost them about $59 per year. This exclusive scheme is quite affordable and cheap among the students where they can stream unlimited videos of their preferences. In addition to this, Amazon Prime also gives the student viewers to pay month-by-month scheme. The normal monthly membership will cost $12.99 per month. Whereas the same thing for the Prime student will cost them $6.45 per month which is supremely cheaper than the normal one.  This shows the students are more beneficial to Amazon Prime than the grown-ups.

4. Prime With EBT Card

EBT cardholders will get some added benefits here. Amazon prime has come up with some exciting offers for citizens with EBT card. If you have a Medicaid or an EBT card then you will be qualified for this offer. You can enjoy Amazon Prime benefits by paying $5.99 per month if you have a valid EBT card. Visit the website to see if you are a qualifying customer or not.

5. Get Only Prime Video

If watching orginal shows and movies is your intention, then getting only Prime Video is more feasible. You can definelty save few buck per month by opting a best plan for yourself. If you only choose Prime Video then it will cost you $8.99 per month. Amazon Prime also enables its user to cancel their paid membership plan anytime without any fuss. After the 30-days free trial gets over, the users will be charged $12.99 per month. With the 30-days free trial scheme, the users will get unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, unlimited listening to audio series, free unlimited photo storage, and unlimited to ad-free songs.

6. Prime Plan Combo

In India, Amazon Prime can be accessed free of cost with the Vodafone Red postpaid plan. Yes! This means now with the Vodafone red postpaid plan of 399 and above you can get a 1-year free subscription of Amazon Prime. In this way, you can stream for free unlimited videos, movies, TV shows, and ad-free music for 1 year according to your choice and preferences.

Undoubtedly, Amazon Prime has marked a new dimension in the streaming world with unlimited and exclusive benefits for the viewers. The viewers just need to choose their appropriate plans to subscribe to the various features they are offering to them.


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