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Do you often miss out on your favourite TV series? Or are you too busy to turn your TV on? Well, don’t worry! As now we have thousands of online portals to watch series, dramas and Live channels and much more. Just one click and you can get hooked on to your favourite  TV series.  With the advancement of computer technologies and Internet networking, people can now have easy access and watch series online.

There are many free movie websites that offer free access to watch movies and daily series. Or one can try free trials offered by premium television program services.  You only need to find the best websites for your favourite Television programs.  Talking about series, here we are going to discuss many sites to watch series online for free without any registration.

There are thousands of websites that offer online TV series for either free, or they might charge unwanted fees for subscription and you might end up getting TV series with poor quality and with numerous Ads and banners. So here we put out for you the top Websites to watch popular TV shows and series without any registration.

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Websites To Watch Series Online Full-Length Episodes

1. TubiTV

Tubi TV best shows

TubiTV is another online website to watch series and movies as well. One has to just register for free to get access to it. Most popular to most viewed; Latest to trending – all are waiting for you in a row. On TubiTV the contents are uploaded frequently so that you don’t miss out any of your favourite programs. So make your seats cozy and comfy after you register; because who knows, you might end up watching chains of series non-stop!

So make your seats cozy and comfy after you register; because who knows, you might end up watching chains of series non-stop!. The new design is quite stunning and looks premium when compared with paid services like Netflix and Hulu.

2. Snagfilms

Watch series online with Snagfilms, a one-stop destination where you can catch the most amazing movies as well as some of the best TV series that are available. This website is updated every few days, so you can easily catch the latest episodes of your favourite TV series within days of the official broadcasting. Snagfilms is absolutely free and you can easily catch the content without having to pay a single buck.

Snagfilms also comes with support to major mobile platforms like Android & iOS. The platform boast of having thousands of movies & a good collection of TV series. Don’t expect the latest one, but it’s worth watching.

3. Popcornflix

popcornflix for series

On this platform for watching TV series called Popcornflix, you get free access to some of the most amazing movies as well as the best TV shows around. It has a really well-maintained website where the homepage shows you the different categories of movies and TV shows. There are categories like action, comedy, romantic, documentary, family as well as nostalgic, new arrivals, etc.

Though Popcornflix is free to use, the platform also lets you rent movies. The website is quite similar to snagfilms but lacks in design. Like Snagfilm, you won’t find the latest series to watch.

4. Vudu | Free TV Shows

Vudu website online

More than just renting service, Vudu has a list of TV shows and movies that a user can watch for free. As of now, there are 300+ shows and numerous movies that anyone can stream. Even if you don’t find the show to watch, you can rent out complete TV series and movies for a few bucks. The sale and early access to content is also a unique service that Vudu offers. As a user, we were thrilled to see some of the latest and popular series titles. There are many more websites to search for if Vudu doesn’t fit in.

Visit Vudu

5. YahooView

yahoo view

Hulu seems to have a very wide range of premium original series, popular TV series, current season TV. It also comes up with Live and on-demand channels. The channel lineup of Hulu is what made it stand out among other services. Hulu also offers Kids shows. One can click on for Free Trial service. And after the free service expires, one can also take up their Subscription plan to avoid unwanted advertisements and have extra features to experience better with Hulu. Hulu was once known for anime, so you can always stream anime online with Yahoo too.

YahooView mainly deals with shows that air on Hulu network. You won’t find the original series and latest popular aired TV shows. This is just a second option for people living in US.

6. Crackle

crackle TV series

Crackle is your Television that fits into your PCs and laptops. Unlimited options of movies, TV series and originals are there to look into. Crackle is free and you can sign up for extra features. You can pause and resume contents across multiple devices. You can also save your favourite TV series and movies in a queue to watch it anywhere.  Crackle up your mood anytime with

Similar to legal sites that I’ve mentioned to watch series online here, Crackle is for limited content. When it comes to variety, Crackle excels as it has lots of content from a different genre. The one thing that made crackle rank last on our list is geo-restriction as it works in limited countries.

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7. Hotstar

TV shows on Hotstar

Hotstar is well known for streaming sports content, movie, and many popular TV series and web series.  Indian based website which was launched just before world cup 2015. It has gained so much popularity among Indian youth that if they miss live TV shows or series they can always watch them on Hotstar. Just log in with your details and enjoy this site.

Hotstar also streams premium TV shows which are not offered by Netflix. Their free and premium catalog are pleasant to watch. Do check this website and let us know how much you do like it. Hotstar is also available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. A perfect to place to watch popular Hindi movies and TV series from HBO at very low rates.

Visit Hotstar

8. ShareTV

Similar to OVguide, ShareTV is a much better option to search TV shows you want to binge online. Unlike other sites, ShareTV is a search engine that let you search for shows & movies from a different platform. Once you have your title on the screen, you can watch at the same moment. The simple interface, lots of categories and filters to precise your search is a much-appreciated effort.

Finding out a series is easy and straight. Simply type in the name of the series you want to watch and hit the search button. The search machine will curate all the possible links where you can watch series online for free or by opting for a paid plan.

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9. Viewster

When it comes to the variety of content, Viewster is the name that strikes my mind every time. Be it movies & TV Shows, or Anime, it has multiple genres to offer. Though it is known as an anime streaming website and their app looks more like an anime App, Viewster has grabbed attention for its content. Watch Full-Length series online with Viewster and check the catalog and start watching shows for free, even without registering. The best part is that you will find full-length content instead of the trailer or unfinished episode.

Don’t expect the content to be similar to sites like Netflix, Hulu or Fmovies. Remember, Netflix and Hulu are premium services, whereas Viewster is completely free. You can check out the official website below.

10. Tvfplay

Tvf play is the name that educated the youth about web series culture. Based on the Indian audience, this online channel is the best place to watch some of India’s best online series (wrote about this site because of the popularity it has gained). They work hard and come up with the latest trend based series for youth.

This site is dedicated to the original content that is created by Tvf. They are best known for Indian web series like the Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Tripling. Recently released Bachelors is the must-watch if you like watching parody kind of stuff. The content creation is quite frequent and has some of the best web series you can watch. Also, there are small vines and spoofs you can watch.

Visit TVFPlay

11. Voot

Voot getting all the possible popularity what Hotstar got during its initial stage. With time, Hotstar has become one of the best platforms to latest on-going TV shows while Voot is lagging behind in many contexts. Be it the quality of content or quantity of content. With more entertainment houses encroaching the VOD market, Voot has revamped its platform with movies, TV Series & exclusive web-series.

To be precise, if watching soaps and reality shows are what you love, Voot is definitely a wise option to try. You can watch all TV shows on different channels from Viacom network for free. The platform is famous for the popular reality TV show Big Boss.

Visit Voot

12. Jiocinema

TV Series free on jio

Unquestionably its another splendorous craft of Reliance digital. This captivating, charming and charismatic instance is equally efficacious when it comes to its contents. The navbar certainly provides you with an abrupt idea of its amusing contents, which suggests – “movies”,”tv”, “music” and “clips”.  Clicking the “TV” tuner will certainly transmit you to an enthralling and fascinating page, which provide a wide variety of tv series and shows.

Ranging from those melodramatic shows to the one which will certainly give you goosebumps, Jio cinema has it all. There are lots of popular series you can watch on this platform. These are available to put you in a cross junction (which one to choose). If you are a fan of Bollywood movies then Jio cinema should be your choice to watch Bollywood movies online for free. The offer is valid for all Jio users.

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Wrapping It Up

There are plenty of many other websites for you to watch TV series, but above-mentioned are our top picks.  Get busy and let these websites arrange for you some of your favorite movies and TV series which you can enjoy after you arrive home from work. Don’t miss out any episodes! Just list down our recommended websites and all you need is to type in your favourite! So grab yourself some popcorns and watch series online anytime and anywhere.