List of Best Websites to Watch Movies Online

Millions of people search for the best websites which you can use to access an abundance of free movies. To cater to the need of people, I’ve curated the websites that will definitely help you out. These websites are in no particular order as it was too hard to rank 15 of the best websites that were equally good. Therefore, the final ranking decision is up to you. I’m sure you will check out these websites and improve your movie watching experience. Most of these websites are free to use without any subscription fees. Even popcorntime is also a good option to try for movies.


This is one of those amazing streaming websites which will immediately win over your hearts. This is a platform that not only brings you an ocean of movies and TV shows from several genres but it is one that grants you access to all of them for free. One of the most impressive things about this website is its simple and friendly GUI designs which come with minimal ads. Showing Ads on your website is understandable since it is the only possible business model that helps support their cost. But when too many ads are these on a website, it hinders the user experience. But luckily for us, Tubi TV is nothing like that as it is easily one of the best places to watch free movies online.


GoMovies is another amazing website that lets you stream movies online. This wonderful website has an amazing collection of movies which you can easily search for using the search bar. The motto of this website is to serve the audience only the best, while also giving them a wonderful user experience. That is why this website focuses more on improving the user experience and less on earning money by showing an excess of irritating advertisements while streaming. This site is no torrent website but a simple movie streaming platform.


mydownloadtube movies

If there is a place where you can find all the latest movies in High definition, then MyDownloadTube is certainly it. You can get all the latest trailers, movies, songs and more with just one click. You can also sort and filter them according to genres. Not only do you get the option to stream your favorite movies but you can also download these movies and watch them later.


This one is another great website where you can watch movies and TV shows online for free. It is a unique website as it gives the user an opportunity to find the latest released movies and episodes on the go. Its movie database is so huge that you can find a lifetime of movies to watch. An advantage of using this website is that while watching an episode or movie, you can use the option to download it for watching later.



Fmovies is a website with alluring interface and killer content. It is extremely easy to navigate and use, and gives you a feel like suddenly streaming has never been easier before. Here, you can watch not only movies but also TV shows of various genres. Not only do you get the option to stream the content online, but you can also download it for free.


Another one similar to Fmovies, this website should surely be bookmarked by all. It looks just like a sibling of Fmovies and does the exact same work. You can find TV shows and movies from various different regions. All that needs to be done is, you are required to select the movie of your choice, play it, use the “turn off lights” feature, and you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime.


crackle website

Crackle is easily one of the most popular movies streaming websites which grant you the opportunity to watch free movies online without registration. However, it is recommended that you create an account first as it will help you get notified every time the website uploads a new TV show or movie. You also get the option to create your own watchlist, which makes it easier and more convenient for you to watch your favourite movies.


Solarmovies is one of the prime runners for the best websites for watching free movies thanks to the fact that its library keeps getting updated with free movies almost every other minute which helps make this website one of the best. This amazing website has an abundance of movies in every genre which you get to stream for free. But the only slight downside of this website is that you need to create an account first, after which you get access to unlimited movies.


snagfilms movies

For a long time it was thought that this website was an “illegal and an untrustable platform” but once such were quashed, Snagfilms has managed to become one of the most popular websites. Its simple design is that attracts the viewers and its amazing content is that makes it one of the top preferences. They have also released their apps for Android, iOS and even Windows platform which is a sign of trustworthy service.


CartoonHD is another amazing website for those of you who are desperate to watch the latest movies for free. It is one of the best when it comes to movies, TV shows, the upcoming movie trailers and even some of the best cartoon shows. The quality and content of this website are unmatched by any other, which is why this is one which you should definitely have in your bookmarks list.


classic cinema

We all know a person or two who are just addicted to classic movies. On this unique website, you can find all types of classic movies – be it vintage films, silent films, legendary film, and much more. Even though the content available here is limited, but it is extremely rare and worth your time. Here, you can find classics of legendary stars like John Wayne, Rock Hudson, etc. So if you are classic and retro lovers, then this a website which you should definitely explore.


PopcornFlix is definitely a really good place where you can watch free movies or TV shows by streaming them for free. Even though this website when live in 2011, it has managed to do exceedingly well and become a huge hit. It has a huge collection of movies of various categories like Action, Horror, Popular, Comedy, New Arrival and much more. This site is not just known for its movies, but you can also catch the latest episodes of your favourite TV series here. But easily the best part of this website is that everything here is free and you need not go through the pain of registration before viewing it.


viewster movies

Viewster is a movie streaming website which gives you access to unlimited free Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies. This website is trusted by millions as it allows you easy access to an unlimited number of movies of several genres such as Love, Action, Drama, Horror and more. You just need to click on play, start your movie and relax.


Wolowtube is another such popular website where you can find thousands of movies and TV shows. It allows you to stream your selected movies or episodes for free without the need of registration of any sorts. The content that is displayed on this website is always in High definition and is displayed without any irritating ads.



Documentaries are one of the most famous genres of movies. This one is a unique website which is filled with unlimited documentaries from all around the world that are in the free public domain. This exquisite website gives you the opportunity to watch any documentary as per your wish. There are different sections for every topic such as Wars, etc. You also get the list of the top 100 documentaries ever created which makes it easier to select which documentaries are more preferred and which ones should be your priority. Documentaries are easily one of the best movies as they teach us all the values and lessons for life.


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